How to add your listing to Your Porter App?

  • Hosting Menu
    Sign in to your account at Click Host to go Hosting Menu.
  • Listings
    Click Listings for managing your listings.
  • Manage listing
    Choose which listing you want to add to Your Porter App and click Manage Listing.
  • Availability
    In the listing management page, click Availability.
  • Availability Settings
    Scroll all the way down on Availability settings page.
  • Your Export Calendar Link
    We are almost done! Click Export Calendar to get your Airbnb iCal link.
  • Copy link
    Copy this link and go to
  • Go to Your Porter App
    Click More on the Menu and go to Your Listings.
  • Add New Listing
    Click Add New Listing to go to last step.
  • Add your listing
    Paste your Airbnb iCal link in the first field. Give your listings a nickname and select a group for organising better.

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