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What is different in Booking.com for Airbnb hosts?

I am sure you’ve ever booked a hotel via Booking.com. For the last couple of years, Booking.com started to focus on Airbnb-type vacation rental units on their platform. While listing your property among the well-known brands like Hilton and Marriott, and filling the gaps in your calendar sounds cool; two giant websites have a handful of differences when it comes to how they operate.

Airbnb vs Booking.com

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5 Hints for Ranking Higher in
Airbnb Search Results

As a determined and successful host, I'm sure that

  • you are a kind and helpful host with a fully decorated, very pleasant property,
  • you are located in a really good neighbourhood, where guests love to stay,
  • you provide all the necessary information in your profile,
  • you have wonderful photos of your property that will attract the potential guests

Still you don’t appear on the high ranks of Airbnb search results, do you?

If you are looking for some kind of accelerator for your listing's rank in Airbnb search results here are 5 things to do:

Climb at the top of Airbnb search results with Your Porter App

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Airbnb Tips for 5 Star Guest Communication

Part 1: From Booking to Checkin

Getting amazing reviews from your guests depends on various factors. As an Airbnb host you can have an effect on some of them and then there are other factors that you cannot change, such as the location of your house, neighbourhood, or unexpected events that may arise. Let’s concentrate on the things you can improve to impress your guests before they arrive.

A glowing review from an Airbnb guest

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How I doubled my Airbnb listing's pageview in 4 weeks

As an Airbnb host with multiple listings, I started to use Porter to ease and automate most of my daily work. Things like collecting guest's arrival information, scheduling cleanings with my cleaner and managing availability calendars were handled super smooth by Porter App; my got life easier! After several weeks, while I was checking my stats on Airbnb.com I noticed that one of my listings was getting significantly more pageviews. When I sorted the data from Airbnb I got the following graph.

Total number of pageviews of two listings

Airbnb Pageviews Chart with Porter Effect
I started to use Porter at the end of October and monthly pageviews doubled in 4 weeks.

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