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What is different in Booking.com for Airbnb hosts?

Basically, Airbnb is more short rental based, whereas Booking.com is mostly used by hotels. However, there are some significant differences between these two. If you want to learn more about the differences between Airbnb and Booking.com from a host perspective, take a look at our new blog

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5 Hints for Ranking Higher in Airbnb Search Results

Airbnb search results sometimes are not sufficient for successful hosts. Even you think you do everything really good, sometimes this is the case that you don’t appear on the high ranks of Airbnb search results. If you are looking for some kind of accelerator for your listing's rank in Airbnb search results, there are some tips to do.

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How I doubled my Airbnb listing's pageview in 4 weeks

As an Airbnb host with multiple listings, I started to use Porter to ease and automate most of my daily work. After several weeks, while I was checking my stats on Airbnb.com I noticed that one of my listings was getting significantly more pageviews. I explain the reasons behind this success on my article.

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