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About Us

You can activate or deactivate the ‘About Us’ section on your website by going to Menu > Website Builder > Edit Website > About Us. Also, you can determine some details, such as Title, Image, About Text, Show Airbnb Superhost Badge, Show Airbnb Reviews, Show Bookingcom Reviews.

Please keep in mind that only the number of reviews will be shown on your website when you activate them.

Social Media Accounts

You can also add your social media accounts, such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, to the footer of your website by going to Menu > Website Builder > Edit Website > About Us. To do so, you just need to add the link of the related page to this section.

Additional Pages

Lastly, you can add some more pages to your website other than listings and about us pages, such as ‘Terms And Conditions’ by going to Menu > Website Builder > Edit Website > About Us. To do so, just click on this option and write down your terms & conditions as you wish.

Please do not forget to click on ‘Save’ button when you edit something for your website.

Rates & Payments

You can go to this section by going to Menu > Website Builder > Edit Website > Rates & Payments.This section includes the payment information for your website and it’s the same page you have during creating your website. You can edit the mark-up rate and payment plan in this section.

The mark-up rate is the rate that you want to add on top of your Airbnb prices. For instance, if you put 10% on top your of your prices which is USD 100 on Airbnb, your guests will pay USD 110 to book your place through your direct booking website.

There are two options to get bookings on your website: Get email inquiries or accept online payments.

Email inquiries work like Airbnb inquiries. You will receive an email regarding the reservation from your guest. After that, you need to handle the payment if you accept it or simply reject the request.

If you would like to get direct bookings and accept online payments, you need to link your Stripe account since the payment will be handled by Stripe. This option will give your guests the opportunity to book your place instantly. You can add your Stripe account by clicking on the ‘Add New Stripe Account’ if you haven’t already added it to your account.

Also, you can decide on your pre-payment plan and final payment if you want to accept online payments. For instance, you can charge your guests 50% of the payment first, and then receive the rest of it 15 days before check-in date.


You can collect additional taxes from your website. You just need to enter the name and the amount of the tax required. In order to set up taxes, please go to Menu > Website Builder > Edit Website > Taxes.


You can determine which listings will be listed on your website in this section by going to Menu > Website Builder > Edit Website > Listings. If you want them all to be on your website, please simply click on the ‘Select All’ option.

Listing Details

Your Porter App is an Airbnb-based application. We get all the required information regarding your listings from Airbnb and then, push it to your website. Also, you can change some of the details after creating your website by going to Menu > Website Builder > Edit Website > Listing Details section.

We push the necessary information to your website during building your website for the first time. If you update your listing details on Airbnb and want to push them to your website, you need to click on the Restore option at the bottom of this section.

Also, you can edit some of the details below regarding your listings, such as Name, City, Starting From (for the price of your listing), Summary, Description, Space, Access, Notes, Interaction, Neighborhood Overview, Transit, House Rules, Amenities, Person Capacity, Bedrooms, Beds, Bathrooms

Please do not forget to click on ‘Save’ button when you edit something for your website.

Visual Settings

In order to alter the visual settings of your website, you need to go to Menu > Website Builder > Edit Websites > Visual Settings section.

Here is the list of visual settings you can edit in this section:

Website Template: We provide 8 different color palettes now, and you can change your current template. Changing the template will affect the colors and texts on your website. There will be more template options soon!

Main Title: The title appears on right above your website’s search section.

Show Map: You can show your listings’ locations on your website. However, you have three different option here. You can hide the map, show your approximate location, or show the exact location to your guests.

Logo: If you upload a logo, it will appear on the top left corner of your website.

Header Image: This is the image behind the search and main title. By default, we automatically upload a picture of your listings’ location.

We would like to kindly remind you that optimum size is 200px x 60px for the logo and 1200px for the header image.

Contact Details

You can alter the contact details, such as contact name, address, phone number, and email in this section. Your visitors will be viewing this information in the footer of your website.

Creating New Automation Rule

Once you created your message template, now you can create an automation rule! In order to do this, please go to Messaging-> Message Automation-> Create New Rule.

Step 1: Message Type

You can automate three kind of messages using Your Porter App: Airbnb Message, Email and SMS.

On the first step, you need to choose what kind of automated message you want to send to your guests..

Step 2: Schedule

You have almost unlimited options to schedule your automated message. You can relate your trigger on the day of check-in, check-out or confirmation. After that, while you can send the message any amount of days before or after those events, you can also send a message on the same day of check-in, check-out or confirmation.

Once you set the day of scheduled message, you can decide the exact delivery time on that day. The delivery time will be calculated according to listing’s local time.

Step 3: Listings

You can choose which listings will be included in an automated message rule. You can create a generic “Thank you for your reservation” message for all of your listings, but check-in instructions may differ between different listings.

Please keep in mind that your Airbnb account for selected listings need to be connected to Your Porter App if you are scheduling an Airbnb message. If you did not connect an Airbnb account until now, you can simply do it at this step by clicking on the listing.

Step 4: Templates

You need to select a template for each automation rule. Although it is advised to create templates before creating the automated message rule, you can still click on Add New Template and prepare your customised template at this step.

Step 5: Summary

On the final step, you will see the summary of your automated message rule. On this page nothing is created, yet. You can review it once more and go back to previous steps to edit if necessary.

Below the summary, you will see a scheduled upcoming messages for this automated message rule. If you want to prevent some messages to be sent, you can cancel those messages on this screen. Let’s say you send check-in instructions 5 days before check-in and you already sent those messages to few reservations ahead. So you can exclude those guests from upcoming messages to avoid duplicated communication.

Your Porter App never takes any action without your approval.

Once you think everything looks fine, you can confirm the automated message rule and start sending scheduled messages to your guests.

Auto Inquiry Response

In order to increase your bookings, it is important to respond to the inquiries quickly. Since lower response time is one of the key metrics in Airbnb search results, you should answer the inquiries really fast.

You can automate this process via Your Porter App for managing your Airbnb business smoothly. After you create your rule, we will answer your initial inquiries automatically if you do not respond to them in a given timeframe.

In order to enable automated inquiry responses, you need to link your Airbnb host account to Your Porter App with your Airbnb credentials. You can link your account by going to Menu > Profile > Airbnb Hosts section.

To set up auto inquiry responses, please go to Messaging > Auto Inquiry Response and choose which hosts’ inquiries should be automatically answered. Then, you need to schedule your automated response such as immediately or after 30 mins.

Please keep in mind that your auto inquiry response will be sent out automatically if you do not respond it yourself within the given time.

After you schedule the timing for your auto inquiry response, you should consider if you would like to pre-approve the inquiry or not. You can send an automated message with or without your pre-approval. If you enable ‘Send a message’ option, a pop-up will be opened, and you can type your message there, just like automated message templates.

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