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Using your own domain

When you create a website with Your Porter App, you can use a custom subdomain we provide (yourchoice.staydirectly.com). If you own a domain and want to use it for your website, you need to make a small change on your domain's DNS settings. In short, you need to create an A Record and forward your domain to our servers. While this is a not a complicated adjustment to do, it requires a basic domain management knowledge.

Step by step instructions

  • 1. Log in to your domain provider
  • 2. Go to DNS Settings for your domain
  • 3. Create a DNS record
  • 4. Select A as the type of DNS record
  • 5. Add the following fields:

    Points To:
    TTL:1 Hour (Default Value)
  • 6. Save the DNS settings and refresh the page to make sure it is saved
  • 7. Verify the changes at dnschecker.org. You should see only our IP for all regions
  • 8. Inform us to activate your domain connection

Most of the domain providers have help documents for modifying DNS records. You can take a look at GoDaddy's Help Page as an example.

SSL Certificate and HTTPS connection

Although we provide SSL certificate and HTTPS connection without any extra cost for our staydirectly.com domains, if you choose to use your own domain, you need to take care of your SSL certificate in order to have an secure website. Having a valid SSL certificate is obligatory for accepting online payments on your website.

Our team can help you obtain an SSL certificate and install it to your website.

Auto Inquiry Response

In order to increase your bookings, it is important to respond to the inquiries quickly. Since lower response time is one of the key metrics in Airbnb search results, you should answer the inquiries really fast.

You can automate this process via Your Porter App for managing your Airbnb business smoothly. After you create your rule, we will answer your initial inquiries automatically if you do not respond to them in a given timeframe.

In order to enable automated inquiry responses, you need to link your Airbnb host account to Your Porter App with your Airbnb credentials. You can link your account by going to More-> Profile-> Airbnb Hosts section.

To set up auto inquiry responses, please go to Messaging-> Auto Inquiry Response and choose which hosts’ inquiries should be automatically answered. Then, you need to schedule your automated response such as immediately or after 30 mins.

Auto Inquiry Response

Please keep in mind that your auto inquiry response will be sent out automatically if you do not respond it yourself within the given time.

After you schedule the timing for your auto inquiry response, you should consider if you would like to pre-approve the inquiry or not. You can send an automated message with or without your pre-approval. If you enable ‘Send a message’ option, a pop-up will be opened, and you can type your message there, just like automated message templates.

Auto Inquiry Response

Creating Task Automation Rule

Your Porter App can send automated daily task messages to your teammates to inform them about operational tasks like cleaning, check-in, check-out, and laundry.

In order to create your first task automation rule, please go to Tasks-> Task Automation-> Create New Task Automation Rule.

Step 1: Task Type

On the first step, you can start by selecting your task automation’s type. You will see ‘Cleaning’ and ‘Check-in’ by default. You can choose one of those, or create a new one according to your personal preferences.

If you want to create a new task type, just click on ‘Type a new task’, name your task and click on ‘Add Task’. Your task type will be added on your task list successfully, and you can use it in your future task automation rules.

Select Message Type

Step 2: Schedule

You have many options to schedule your task automation. You can set a rule for any amount of days before or after your events. You can relate your message on the day of guest check-in, check-out or reservation confirmation.

On the last part of the page, you can decide on the exact delivery time on that day. Your delivery time will be determined according to your listing’s local time.

Step 3: Listings

You can choose which listings to include in your task message rule. Your cleaning team or instructions may differ among your listings. So, please be careful while selecting them.

Step 4: Teammate

You may have several teammates and different task automation rules for each of them. You need to select a teammate for each task automation rule. It is also possible to add a new teammate if you click on ‘Add New Teammate’ which is located in the lower right corner on the screen. Please include all the information about your teammate, because if we do not have the phone number and/or email, we will not be able to send your tasks to your teammates.

When you select your teammate, a pop-up will be opened. You can send SMS and/or email to your teammates, and these two will be selected by default. You can change your options according to your personal preferences. .

Step 5: Content

On the next step, you can select the information to include in your task form for your teammates.

These are items that you can include on the form:

  • Check-in: check-in date of the current reservation
  • Check-out: check-out date of the existing reservation
  • Guest Name
  • Guest Lastname
  • Guest Phone Number
  • Guest Email
  • Number of Guest
  • Confirmation Code
  • Host Notes: You can add special notes for the current reservation for your teammate. This might be helpful if there is a particular case about the reservation
  • Date of Next Check-in: You may want to inform your teammate about upcoming reservation’s dates. This can help them to schedule their tasks
  • Number of Guests of Next Check-in: Your cleaning staff may need the number of guests for next check-in for the details about cleaning, towels, etc.
  • Once you think everything looks fine, you can confirm the automated message rule and start sending scheduled messages to your guests.

    Step 6: Summary

    On the final step, you will see the summary of your task automation rule. On this page, nothing is created yet. You can take a look at it once more and go back to previous steps to edit if necessary.

    Below the summary, you will see scheduled upcoming tasks for this task automation rule. If you want to prevent some messages to be sent, you can deactivate those messages on this screen. Let’s say you send cleaning instructions 3 days before check-in and you already sent those messages to your teammates. In this case, you can exclude those reservations from upcoming messages to avoid duplicated communication.

Tracking Automated Messages

You always have full control over automated messages for each reservation. It is possible to track and monitor each scheduled message at Messaging > Message Automation > Automated Message Report. This page will show you all the upcoming automated messages. For any reason, if you want to stop an automated message to be sent, you can turn off each automated job here.

In addition to that, if you click Show automation history at the top of the page, you can view all the delivered automated messages. You can also see the status (Delivered/Open/Clicked) of email messages on this page.

Auto Review

It is super easy to automate your review process and give 5-star reviews to your guests with Your Porter App! This will increase your chance to get reviews in return.

You can create your first Auto Review rule by going Messaging-> Auto Review-> Activate your rule. After this, you can select the timing of your auto reviews according to your preferences. You are able to automate your reviews ‘on the day of check-out’ as well as some days after check-out. Please keep in mind that scheduling your reviews for a couple of days after check-out might make them more native.

Right after the timing, you have two options about the content of your review:

Use Review Pool: If you select this option, we will randomly select a review template from our review pool which has more than 70 reviews. You can see some of our review examples on this screen.

Use My Review Template: You can write a review template, and we will automatically use this template. If you select this option, you can write your template on the pop-up.

You can use our customization tags on your review template:

  • Guest First Name
  • Check-in Date
  • Check-out Date
  • Listing’s Host
  • Listing’s Airbnb Name
  • Number of Guests

These tags will be replaced with personal information of each guest accordingly.

You can check all your upcoming reviews on the same screen. if you want, you can stop your auto reviews for specific guests and write your reviews for them.

We can make reviews for all your linked Airbnb accounts. If you want you can add/remove some of these Airbnb accounts for auto review rule. You will be always in control for this process.

Manage / Edit / Delete Rules

You always have full control over your automated message rules. If you go to Messaging > Message Automation > Your Rules, you can view all the rules you have created so far. They are grouped under their triggers: Confirmation, Check-in, and Check-out.

You can switch on/off your rules for future reservations. It is also possible to view related listings of each automated message rule. If you want to change something about your rule, you can click Edit below the rule.

You can change scheduled time, related listings and template on the edit page. In order to apply advanced filters for automated messages, you can click Advanced. Deleting rules are also possible on the edit page.

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