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How it works?

It is easy as just copy and paste! We will create your website with a single click.

one click

Use your own Domain

Create your website with your brand logo and use your own domain. Lead your short-term rental business to the next step.

Just choose which listings to include your website and start taking reservations without a commission fee. Customizing your website from 8 different beautiful color palette is possible.

direct payments

Integrated with Smart Pricing Tools

Show your listing's availability and rates in real time on your website. Do you want to offer special prices on your website? Add your pricing rules with ease.

If you are using a smart pricing tool, push your smart prices to your website's calendar. Handle the minimum night stay and advanced reservation settings for your calendar.


Secure the Reservation

For returning or completely new guests, you can secure the reservation by getting credit card details online. Take a deposit at the time of confirmation and charge the guest in full amount before check-in.

Include cleaning fee or some other extra fees for your reservations. All these payment processes will be secure with your SSL certificated website, and you can handle them automatically with Stripe integration.

channel manager

Sync your Calendars

Using the channel manager feature, you can see all your reservations from different channels and manage them with a unified calendar.

You can sync your website's calendar with different channels including Airbnb, Booking.com, HomeAway, TripAdvisor and more.


SEO-friendly Website

Increase your brand visibility with your SEO-friendly website. Your potential guests will find your vacation rental website using search engines easily.

Our team created a modern look with the latest design trends. You can add your listings' social media accounts and create more exposure.

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"A game changer in my rental management. Your Porter App cuts down the amount of time I spend responding to reservations and sending boiler plate messages 10 fold. It's indispensable in my operation."

Three on Abbott, CA
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How it works?

Create your rules and sit back! We will do the following steps for you.

airbnb messages

Create Unlimited Number of Rules

Your Porter App gives you the ability to create an unlimited number of messages including Airbnb message, email or text.

You can send your guests check-in instructions days before their check-in or a control message after their first night. If you have several listings, you can set up one automation for all of them. Your Porter App even detects the guest's language and send the related message template accordingly.

auto reply

Auto Inquiry Response

In order to increase your bookings, it is important to respond to the inquiries quickly. We will answer your initial inquiries automatically if you do not respond to them in a given timeframe.

This feature will boost your response time and lower response time is one of the key metrics for climbing to the top of Airbnb search results.

auto reviews

Automate your Guest Reviews

You can give 5-star reviews to your guests automatically after their check-out. It is possible to write your own review template, or we will randomly select one from our review pool which has more than 70 reviews!

When the review is completed, you can ask your guests to leave a review in return. If you want, you can deactivate your automation rule for some specific guests and review them by yourself.

advanced filters

Advanced Message Filters

After you create your rules, you can add some advanced filters to manage your guest communication more professionally. Also, add custom tags for your message templates if you have variable data for different listings like Wi-Fi codes or instructions. Create a master template and insert custom tags on it.

You can differentiate which message to send for different use cases depending on the duration of stay of your guests, the number of guests, their review status and if it is a last minute booking or not.

on the go

Manage your Business on the Go

All these features are available on the go! You can manage everything from your iOS or Android smartphone with Your Porter App.

When we send your messages and complete the automation jobs, we will notify you via push notifications. You will have a full control over your business anytime.

How it works?

Manage all your bookings from a simple multi-calendar

unified calendar

One Unified Calendar

Your Porter App automatically updates your calendars in different channels including Airbnb, Booking.com, HomeAway, TripAdvisor and more.

You can see the all your reservations from different channels and manage them with one unified calendar. You can add your manual reservations to your calendar and we will block these dates on each channel as well.

Smart pricing

Push your Prices with Mark-up

Due to differences in commission policies between Airbnb and Booking.com, Your Porter App can update your prices on Booking.com using your rules over Airbnb prices.

Also, if you are using a smart pricing tool, you can easily push your smart prices from Airbnb to Booking.com. We will take your smart prices from Airbnb and push them to Booking.com after adjusting with your customized markup rate.

auto payments

Receive Online Payments

You can automatically take credit card payments for your Booking.com reservations. It is also possible to schedule an automatic payment if a guest books outside of your no-refund period.

When the no-refund period arrives, we will try to charge your guest's credit card and inform you about the result with an email.

financial reports

Financial Reports for All Channels

Your Porter App imports your income data automatically from Airbnb and Booking.com. If you have direct reservations or reservations from other channels, you can manually add income details to have an overview of all of your reservations into a single report.

You can get a detailed price breakdown of each listing (accommodation fee, cleaning fee, etc.) on a monthly basis.

multiple accounts

Manage Multiple Accounts

If you are a property manager with multiple listings from different accounts in Booking.com and Airbnb, you can easily connect these accounts. You will save a huge time without logging in each time to these channels.

You can set your own message automation rules, and we will directly send them to all the channels you have. You can schedule your messages to go out according to your preferences.

Export Your Reservations to Excel File

In addition to list all of your reservations in a single page in Your Porter App, you may need to export your data, and it is very easy to do.

Your Porter App allows you to export all your reservation data into one Excel document with a single click. You can just work on your data or simply import to other tools for marketing, accounting or invoicing.

In order to do this, please go to Menu > Export Reservations as the first step.

You can filter the reservations according to the month. By default, it shows reservations in the selected dates. You can sort the reservations according to 3 options:

  • Check-in list: Reservations will be sorted according to check-in date, ascending
  • Check-out list: Reservations will be sorted according to check-out date, ascending
  • Confirmed Reservations: Reservations will be sorted according to confirmation date, ascending

This lists can be useful if you want to schedule cleanings, or check-ins and wanted to see all of your data properly sorted.

After you set your conditions, now you can choose the information you want to see on your list. There are several options that you may want to include in your table.

  • Check-in (and time)
  • Check-out (and time)
  • Email
  • Guest Name
  • Guest City
  • Listing Nickname
  • Number of guests
  • Phone
  • Reservation Source
  • Total Payout
  • Reservation Code
  • Added date
  • Currency
  • Payout
  • Accommadation Fee
  • Cleaning Fee
  • Platform Fee

After you select the data fields you want to view; you will automatically see your table below the page. If you want to include or exclude more options, you should click "Update Table" button to see the updated version below. In order to return the selected items to the first version, click on the "Clear" button. After that, when you click Export to Excel button, your file will be downloaded in XLS format. Please keep in mind that downloading the file is possible for web version only. The experience might be different on smartphones.

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