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Channel Manager API Connection

Real-time API

Sync availability and rates between Airbnb, Bookingcom and HomeAway. Add a markup on your Airbnb prices to make the same amount for each channel. Auto Payment


Charge your guests automatically. Schedule an automatic payment according to your preferences for your reservations.

Airbnb Automated Message


Send automated emails or SMS for all your guests no matter of the reservation channel. Control your messaging only from one platform.

Airbnb Income Reports


Get your monthly income report with all the price breakdown details. You will be able to see exactly how much money you make from all different channels.

How it works?

Manage all your bookings from a simple multi-calendar

unified calendar

One Unified Calendar

Your Porter App automatically updates your calendars in different channels including Airbnb,, HomeAway, TripAdvisor and more.

You can see the all your reservations from different channels and manage them with one unified calendar. You can add your manual reservations to your calendar and we will block these dates on each channel as well.

Smart pricing

Push your Prices with Mark-up

Due to differences in commission policies between Airbnb and, Your Porter App can update your prices on using your rules over Airbnb prices.

Also, if you are using a smart pricing tool, you can easily push your smart prices from Airbnb to We will take your smart prices from Airbnb and push them to after adjusting with your customized markup rate.

auto payments

Receive Online Payments

You can automatically take credit card payments for your reservations. It is also possible to schedule an automatic payment if a guest books outside of your no-refund period.

When the no-refund period arrives, we will try to charge your guest's credit card and inform you about the result with an email.

financial reports

Financial Reports for All Channels

Your Porter App imports your income data automatically from Airbnb, Bookingcom and HomeAway. If you have direct reservations or reservations from other channels, you can manually add income details to have an overview of all of your reservations into a single report.

You can get a detailed price breakdown of each listing (accommodation fee, cleaning fee, etc.) on a monthly basis.

multiple accounts

Manage Multiple Accounts

If you are a property manager with multiple listings from different accounts in Bookingcom, Airbnb or HomeAway, you can easily connect these accounts. You will save a huge time without logging in each time to these channels.

You can set your own message automation rules, and we will directly send them to all the channels you have. You can schedule your messages to go out according to your preferences.

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