Financial Reports

Create and share detailed financial reports,
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Detailed Financial Overview

Keep track of your revenue and payments

Create an income report with price breakdowns, know exactly how much money you make. Export your reports to Excel or generate payout statements for your homeowners.

Adjusted for Different Business Models

Calculate your management fee and homeowner payout

Depending on your business model, you can set different management fee rules for different clients and get a detailed statement each month. Whether you collect payouts from platforms and distribute to homeowners, or charge a management fee from them, you can always create accurate reports.

Homeowner Login

Share your real-time reports with your clients

Provide detailed reports to your homeowners in which they can track their revenue, expenses, management fee and payout details in their owner portal.

Invoice to Clients

Generate invoices, get paid via Stripe

Review your monthly statement, add extra items when necessary and send invoices. You can even send payment requests and get paid via Stripe with a single click.

Expense Tracking

Add, categorize and manage your expenses

Upload or take a photo of the receipts and add your expenses to Your Porter App. Group your expenses for better categorization and attach some of the expenses to specific listings or guests. If an expense needs to be paid by a homeowner, just mark it and it will appear on the homeowner statement automatically.


Monitor and compare how your listings are performing

Analyze your key performance metrics like your occupancy rate and average nightly rate compare your progress over months for future business decisions.

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  • Everything works like a charm, from auto messaging to financial report.

    Jay L.

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