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Direct Booking Website


Create your website with a single click and accept reservations without channel commission. Secure the reservation and get a higher revenue in return.

Unified Airbnb Calendar


Show real time rates and availability integrated with smart pricing tools. Sync your website's calendar with multiple channels using our channel manager.

Airbnb Directly Take Payment


Take the credit card details of your guests, and charge them accordingly. Guarantee your reservations with a secure online payment system.

Professional Airbnb Website


Use your own domain and generate organic traffic with an SEO-friendly website. Select your website's design from different layout options.

How it works?

It is easy as just copy and paste! We will create your website with a single click.

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Use your own Domain

Create your website with your brand logo and use your own domain. Lead your short-term rental business to the next step.

Just choose which listings to include your website and start taking reservations without a commission fee. Customizing your website from 8 different beautiful color palette is possible.

direct payments

Integrated with Smart Pricing Tools

Show your listing's availability and rates in real time on your website. Do you want to offer special prices on your website? Add your pricing rules with ease.

If you are using a smart pricing tool, push your smart prices to your website's calendar. Handle the minimum night stay and advanced reservation settings for your calendar.


Secure the Reservation

For returning or completely new guests, you can secure the reservation by getting credit card details online. Take a deposit at the time of confirmation and charge the guest in full amount before check-in.

Include cleaning fee or some other extra fees for your reservations. All these payment processes will be secure with your SSL certificated website, and you can handle them automatically with Stripe integration.

channel manager

Sync your Calendars

Using the channel manager feature, you can see all your reservations from different channels and manage them with a unified calendar.

You can sync your website's calendar with different channels including Airbnb,, HomeAway, TripAdvisor and more.


SEO-friendly Website

Increase your brand visibility with your SEO-friendly website. Your potential guests will find your vacation rental website using search engines easily.

Our team created a modern look with the latest design trends. You can add your listings' social media accounts and create more exposure.

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