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Collecting Auto Payments

If you’ve already linked your Stripe account to Your Porter App, you can collect auto payments through Your Porter App for the Bookingcom reservations.

Whenever you receive a new reservation on Bookingcom, we’ll create a customer account on your Stripe account.

Using your Stripe account, we automatically store the credit card details if they are valid. You can charge your guest's credit card according to your cancellation policies.

Also, you can create an auto-payment rule for your Booking.com guests, and we will charge them automatically according to your rules. You can update your settings if you go to Menu > Booking.com > Prices and Payments section.

Collecting Auto Payments

Most of our users have a non-refundable period, and we charge the guest once we are in the non-refundable period. If a guest books within the non-refundable period, we charge the card immediately.

Collecting Auto Payments

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