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Link Account with Your Porter App

Your Porter App works as a channel manager for and requires you to connect your properties to Your Porter App. In order to establish this connection go to Extranet and click on your property. After that click on Account on the top right corner of admin panel. Choose Channel Manager.

You need to Disconnect from your current channel manager, if you are already using one. After that, you can make a new connection request to Your Porter App. Channel Manager

Start typing Your Porter App and select Your Porter App as your channel manager. Choose two-way sync as connection type. Accept the IT Provider Agreement and continue. If you have multiple properties on, you need to make this request individually for each property.

Now go to Your Porter App and click Menu > Make a Request to connect your account to Your Porter App. You will receive an email with detailed instructions. Do not forget to reply to that email with the name or ID of your properties so we can add them to your account.

Our team will connect your properties to Your Porter App account and send an email about next steps. After you receive that email, you can start to match Airbnb listings with properties at Your Porter App.

Next Step: Match Airbnb Listings with Properties

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