Setup and Use Your Porter App efficiently

Match Airbnb Listings with

After you activated the connection successfully between your account and Your Porter App, go to Menu > My Listings and click on a listing to start. Choose Add Another Channel in the menu which appears at the bottom of the screen.

You can complete this status with 3 easy steps: Link Airbnb listings with rooms, set pricing rules for and choose payment processor.

Add Another Channel to Your Porter App

On this screen, besides iCal sync options for HomeAway and TripAdvisor, requires a more complicated integration. Click on Link to start matching your listings with rooms.

Link your Airbnb listings with rooms

You will see all of your properties and rooms on Just select the room which matches current Airbnb listing.

If you have more than one Airbnb listing which stands for same room with multiple availability, you can match multiple Airbnb listings with single room type.

2. Set Pricing Rules for

After you select your room type, you will see available rate categories for this room type. If you use multiple rate categories for your listing, Your Porter App will update only one rate category by default. You need to select which rate category in you want to update when you adjust prices.

If you use multiple rates in, you need to set other rates to be updated relatively to Standard Rate which you update with Your Porter App. For example, you may want to offer a 10% discount for the non-refundable rate in In this case, you need to set the non-refundable rate less than 10% of Standard Rate. When Your Porter App updates Standard Rate, your non-refundable rate will be updated automatically. This is the best way to handle multiple rate categories in

Automatic rates in

Due to differences in commission policies between Airbnb and, Your Porter App can update your prices on using your rules over Airbnb prices. You can create various rules and relations between Airbnb and prices. By default, we add 15% to Airbnb prices when we update rates. You can easily change these rules when you match your Airbnb listings with rooms.

Please keep in mind that Your Porter App always shows your Airbnb prices and updates prices depends on the pricing rules you created.

You can play around with pricing rules below and discover your possibilities.

Pricing Rule

Add 15% on top of Airbnb prices and update rates.

3. Choose Payment Processor

After you match all of your listings and define pricing rules for rooms, you need to choose your payment processor. If you are eligible for Payments by program, please choose a related option. Otherwise, you need to link each property with a Stripe account. You can learn more about payment processors.

You can always adjust pricing rules after you create the initial connection.

Final Step to Sync Reservations and Rates

Once you link all of your properties with your existing Airbnb listings, our team will approve your connection to start syncing your reservations and rates. At this step you need to confirm one last time from your Extranet. After the connection is successfully activated, you can sync and manage everything from Your Porter App. Activate XML connection

After you have completed matching all of your listings with rooms, click More -> -> Push Rates and Availability.
This will take your prices from Airbnb, make necessary adjustments and push to for the next 365 days.

Next Step: Adjust Pricing Rules

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