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Linked Calendars for Multiple Listings

If you have multiple listings on Airbnb (for example, entire home and a room inside that home), you can link their calendars on Your Porter App to prevent double-bookings.

To link Airbnb calendars for multiple listings and create a family:

  1. Go to Menu > My Listings and select a listing whose calendar you'd like to link. For example, we picked our Listing A from Group 1.
  2. Scroll down to the “Linked Calendars” section and click on Link calendars.
  3. Link Calendars

  4. Choose your listing’s type and click Next. It can be either the entire home or a room inside another listing. For instance, we will choose the entire home option for Listing A.
  5. Select the listings you want to link together, then click Save.
  6. Your family of linked calendars is created.
  7. Parent
    Select Child

If you link listings from different groups, they will be moved into your main listing’s group.

Once created, you can also see the linked listings’ and their relations on your My Listings page. Rooms will be shown inside on the main listing.

My Listings

Adding child listing into an existing family

You can also add another child listing even after creating your family. Select the listing you want to link and follow the steps we described above. Select your listing’s type as a room inside another listing:

Child Option

If you like, you can simply unlink your calendars from Menu > My Listings by selecting a linked listing.

Unlink Calendar

Please keep in mind that when you click Unlink, linked calendar settings will be removed for all listings in that family.

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