Setup and Use Your Porter App efficiently

Reservation Details

Your Porter App provides you a simple dashboard that you can manage all your reservation details. In order to see your Reservation Details, you can click on the reservation on Timeline or Calendar.

On the upper part of the screen, you can see your guest’s name, reservation’s listing, the duration of the stay, the source of the reservation (, Airbnb, HomeAway, etc.)

You can contact your guest with a single click using one of the communication methods depending on the channel of your reservation: Airbnb, WhatsApp, Email, and SMS

If you scroll on the screen, you can see some more data about the reservation:

  • Check-in and Check-out Time: You can set your guest’s check-in or check-out time by clicking Set time button under the date. This data will be visible after you submitted on your timeline as well.
  • Guests: The number of guests you will host. You can change the number for manually added reservations by clicking ‘Add guest number.’ Also, you can specify the number of Adults and Children for the current reservation.
  • Arrival: You can add how your guests will arrive at your place. If you use our Arrival Form for your guests, we will directly update this information when the arrival form is submitted. Also, Your Porter App can track your guest’s flight status and update the arrival information. In order to do this, you can just add the flight number of the guest. After this, the arrival time will be updated automatically.
  • Nickname: If your guests prefer to be addressed with another name, you can add a nickname. Please keep in mind that nicknames will overwrite the first name of the guest in all the future automated messages and reviews.
  • Tasks: You can see all the tasks associated with this reservation here. It is possible to mark the tasks as completed or delete them by swiping a task to the left/right.
  • To Do List: Add a TO DO item for this reservation. It will be visible on the timeline as well and can be easily marked as completed.
  • Notes: You can add Notes if there are other things about the reservation that you may want to remember. You can share those notes in teammate task notifications as “host notes”.
  • Contact Details: You can add/edit your guest’s phone number and email address. Also, if you want to add your guest’s phone to your contacts, click on the phone number -> Add to Contacts option. In addition to masked email addresses coming from different platforms, you can save the real email address of your guests as 2nd email. Arrival form is a great way to collect your guests’ actual email address. Once a 2nd email is submitted, it will be used instead of masked platform email.
  • and Airbnb share all reservation details which are filled by the guests, and this information will be automatically added to your calendar. However, some other reservation channels (HomeAway, TripAdvisor, etc.) do not share some information of the guest except guest name, surname and reservation time. Thus, to be able to send your automated messages, you should add your guest’s email address and phone number manually only for one time.

  • Get Messaging History: It will show you Airbnb thread between your guests and automated emails sent by Your Porter App.

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