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Checklists for Tasks

Checklists allow you to list details of your tasks and come in very handy as they smooth the way for you and your teammates. You can have more detailed control over the progress of your tasks by adding checklists to them.

Simply go to Cleaning > Checklists to create, view, and edit your checklists.

Task Menu

Create & Edit Checklists

Click on Create New Checklist and type a name for your checklist. After that, you can add items to be completed to your checklist.

Create Checklist

You can edit the items on your checklist after you created the checklist. You can also copy your existing lists in case you would like to make adjustments for different tasks without creating all the items each time.

Edit Checklist

Add Checklists to Your Tasks

Once created, it is possible to add multiple checklists into your new cleaning reminders as well as the existing ones.

You will be asked to add a checklist while creating a new cleaning reminder. You can also add checklists to your existing reminders by going to Cleaning Reminders > Edit > Checklists

Edit Checklist
Edit Checklist

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