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Adding Expenses

You can add expenses to Your Porter App with a few clicks from your mobile phone or web browser. Just go to Menu > Expense Tracking > Add New Expense.

Add Expense Details
Add Photo of the Receipt

When you add an expense you can include following data to your records:

Title Short Description about your expense. Required.
Amount Total amount of the expense. Required.
Currency User's default currency. It is possible to add expenses in different currencies. Default currency can be edited in the Settings.
Date Date of the expense. Today by default. Can be modified.
Category Default categories: Utilities, Supplies, Maintenance. You can add your own categories.
Listing You can link an expense to a listing for your own records. Useful for filtering in expenses and including in income reports.
Reservation You can link an expense to a reservation for your own records. It will be automatically linked to the listing as well.
Bill to Homeowner Enable this option if you want to bill your homeowner for this expense in the income reports.
Notes Additional notes for your reference.
Receipt Upload a photo/file of the receipt. If you are on the mobile app, you can take a photo with your phone.

Next Step: Expenses in Income Reports

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