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    Setup and Use Your Porter App efficiently

Add your Airbnb listings

In order to start using Your Porter App, you need to add listings from Airbnb to Your Porter App. It is a super easy and fast process.

Basically, you need to go to availability settings in Airbnb and copy Export Calendar link (iCal/ics format). After that, you can simply paste your link to Your Porter App to import and sync your calendar.

You can find step by step instructions below.

Since Airbnb shows Export/Import Calendar section only its website, you need to use your computer to add your listings to Your Porter App.
  • Hosting Menu
    Sign in to your account at Airbnb.com. Click Host to go Hosting Menu.
  • Listings
    Click Listings for managing your listings.
  • Manage listing
    Choose which listing you want to add to Your Porter App and click Manage Listing.
  • Availability
    In the listing management page, click Availability.
  • Availability Settings
    Scroll all the way down on Availability settings page.
  • Your Export Calendar Link
    We are almost done! Click Export Calendar to get your Airbnb iCal link.
  • Copy link
    Copy this link and go to app.yourporter.com
  • Go to Your Porter App
    Click More on the Menu and go to Your Listings.
  • Add New Listing
    Click Add New Listing to go to last step.
  • Add your listing
    Paste your Airbnb iCal link in the first field. Give your listings a nickname and select a group for organising better.

Grouping your listings

When you add your listings to Your Porter App, we ask you to group them together. Groups can be very useful especially for hosts with multiple listings. The listings under the same group will be visible next to each other on the calendar and have the same color.

You can group your listings according to the location, owner or type.

Groups can be edited anytime by clicking edit in the header of the group in Your Listings page. You can change the name and the color of a group. If you want to move a listing from a group to another, just click More next to the listing and choose Move.

If you have listed your property on multiple channels, you can continue reading about how to link other channels with Your Porter App.

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A note from our Head of Development

Your Porter App is designed for Airbnb hosts with high security concerns. We do not ask for your Airbnb credentials until you want to use some special features. You can register now with any email and password. Linlking your Airbnb account will unlock some of our features whenever you feel ready for it.

All of our data transfer between servers are secured with our 128bit SSL certificate. We never store your Airbnb credentials when you link your Airbnb account. We only make a request and get a permission from Airbnb to perform some actions like sending messages or making reviews.

You can see Your Porter App's login permission at your Airbnb account (Account Settings -> Security -> Login History) and terminate it anytime by clicking Log Out or simply changing your password. You will notice that Your Porter App uses a different IP address each time we reach your account to prevent over usage of a single IP address for many users.

When you use Your Porter App for your Airbnb account, you will be able to use same listing and keep your current reviews. No one (guests, co-hosts, homeowners) can notice that you are using an automation tool while we perform automated tasks for you.