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Connecting Airbnb Account

In order to start using Your Porter App, you need to connect your Airbnb account first. No worries, it is a super easy and fast process!

Since Your Porter App is an Airbnb-dependent platform, you need to link your Airbnb account beforehand. If you go to Menu > Channel Manager section, you will see Airbnb to start with the channel manager connection.

Menu - Channel Manager - Airbnb

Here, you should click on the Connect Airbnb Account button to link your account and import your listings to Your Porter App.

Connecting Airbnb Account

A warning pop-up will appear before you are forwarded to the Airbnb website to approve the connection with Your Porter App. If you have already logged into your Airbnb account on your browser, please make sure that it is the account you want to connect to Your Porter App. If this is the case, you can click Continue to proceed.

Airbnb Login Warning

You may need to validate the account that you want to connect by entering the related Airbnb credentials, or if you are already logged in, you will be headed to the confirmation page directly. Please mark the checkbox and click Allow to connect your Airbnb account to Your Porter App.

Airbnb API Verification

Once the verification process is completed successfully, you will be directed to Your Porter App again. Here, you can continue with importing your Airbnb listings, or you can do that later on if you wish.

Airbnb API Listings

Next Step: Importing Airbnb Listings to Your Porter App

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