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Integrating Co-hosted Airbnb Listings

With the native Airbnb connection, adding a listing has become possible only through the main host’s account. However, Your Porter App’s fast and effective system allows connecting and managing co-hosted listings via the native Airbnb connection as well.

If you are a co-host, you can invite the listing owner through an external link and ask for the homeowner’s permission to add a listing without requesting their credentials. To achieve this easy and fast process, you need to follow these step-by-step instructions below.

When you go to Menu > Channel Manager section, please choose Airbnb.

Menu - Channel Manager - Airbnb

There, you need to click invite the listing owner option to open and share the access link with the main host of your listing.

Invite the listing owner

After clicking invite the listing owner, you need to copy your access request link and share it with the co-hosted listing's host via any communication channel as you wish.

Airbnb Co-Hosting

When the main hosts go to this external link, they will see Give Access button. They need to click this button to give access to co-hosts to manage their listings from co-host’s accounts.

Airbnb Access Request

After they click on Give Access button, we will ask them to log in to their Airbnb account. Through the external link, you do not have to ask for the main host’s login credentials anymore. They may need to validate the account that they want to connect by entering the related Airbnb credentials.

Airbnb Login Credentials

Or if they are already logged in, they will be headed to the confirmation page directly. On the Airbnb connection page, they need to read the terms and conditions button, accept the agreement by ticking the checkbox, and click Allow to connect their Airbnb account to Your Porter App.

Connect Airbnb Account to Your Porter App

Once the verification process is successfully completed, it demonstrates that you obtain access to manage the co-hosted listings on Your Porter App. We will also send a push notification to you about the approval process is completed. Now, you can continue with importing and connecting your listings to Your Porter App.

External Access Completed

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