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    Setup and Use Your Porter App efficiently

Link other channels

Your Porter App can sync your calendars across many popular platforms like Booking.com, HomeAway/VRBO and TripAdvisor. You can find a list of supported channels below.

  • Airbnb
    Direct API Integration
  • Booking.com
    Direct API Integration
  • HomeAway / VRBO
    iCal Sync
  • TripAdvisor
    iCal Sync
  • Wimdu
    iCal Sync
  • CanadaStays
    iCal Sync
  • 9flats
    iCal Sync
  • Beds24
    iCal Sync - Contact Us

In order to link other supported channels, you need to go to More -> Your Listings -> Add Another Channel.

Add Another Channel to Your Porter App

Here you need to select iCal sync for all supported channels except Booking.com. If you want to integrate Booking.com, you can read more about it in another section of our documentation.

You need to copy Export Calendar Link from other channels and import into Your Porter App. Most of the time, those links can be found under Availability/Calendar settings on different platforms.

Import Another Channel to Your Porter App

When you copy calendar link of supported platforms, you simply need to paste it into the required field and submit. You will see an icon next to your listing as soon as you submit your new channel. Your Porter App will automatically import reservations from different channels and show on your timeline and calendar. Please keep in mind that the guest information which is shared in iCal links varies between different platforms. Your Porter App shows all available information which can be acquired via iCal connection.

After you have imported calendars from various channels, you need to establish a 2-way connection between Your Porter App and other platforms to make sure blocking the dates whenever you get a new reservation from a channel.

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A note from our Head of Development

Your Porter App is designed for Airbnb hosts with high security concerns. We do not ask for your Airbnb credentials until you want to use some special features. You can register now with any email and password. Linlking your Airbnb account will unlock some of our features whenever you feel ready for it.

All of our data transfer between servers are secured with our 128bit SSL certificate. We never store your Airbnb credentials when you link your Airbnb account. We only make a request and get a permission from Airbnb to perform some actions like sending messages or making reviews.

You can see Your Porter App's login permission at your Airbnb account (Account Settings -> Security -> Login History) and terminate it anytime by clicking Log Out or simply changing your password. You will notice that Your Porter App uses a different IP address each time we reach your account to prevent over usage of a single IP address for many users.

When you use Your Porter App for your Airbnb account, you will be able to use same listing and keep your current reviews. No one (guests, co-hosts, homeowners) can notice that you are using an automation tool while we perform automated tasks for you.