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Managing Airbnb Listings

Due to the restrictions which are brought by Airbnb's native connection, you can no longer make any changes regarding rates and availability on Airbnb side. According to the sync status, you are required to manage the pricing, availability, listing details, and booking settings through Your Porter App. Please note that when you change something about price and availability through our platform, we immediately push it to your Airbnb calendar.

You can easily manage your listings' settings by going to Menu > Airbnb > Listings > Edit.

Airbnb Listing Edit

Sync Status

There are two sync types on Airbnb’s native connection: Everything and Pricing and Availability.

You can manage your sync settings for the native connection by going to Menu > Airbnb and click Listings on the right corner of your account, please select the listing you want to arrange sync settings. When you click on the Sync Status, you will see three types of sync settings respectively: Everything, Pricing and Availability, and Disconnected.

Airbnb Sync Status
  • If you prefer to manage all of your listing data including photos, booking settings, rates, and availability in our API-connected software, you can change your sync settings to Everything.
  • If you prefer to manage pricing, availability, and messages on Your Porter App, you can change your sync settings back to Pricing and Availability.
  • If you do not want any of your listing data from Airbnb to be synced with Your Porter App, you can just switch the status to Disconnected.

Pricing Settings

With the native connection, you can change the settings related to the pricing of your Airbnb listings only through Your Porter App. You can set a base price, length of stay discounts as well as additional fees and taxes on this section.

When you head over to Menu > Airbnb and click Listings on the right corner of your account, please select the listing you want to arrange pricing settings for and click Edit. Select Pricing, there you will find four sections respectively Nightly Price, Length of Stay Discounts, Standard Fees and Charges, Local Taxes.

Please note if you have overridden your daily rates before, the changes you have made under the base price section will not apply to your listings; your previously adjusted price will override your newly set base price. Therefore, you need to set your custom price by going to Calendar > Pricing View.

The base price is only applicable to the days which haven't been updated before.

Standard Fees and Charges

Cleaning Fee: You can charge your guest to cover the cost of cleaning your holiday rental after the guest checks-out.

Security Deposit: You can ask for a security deposit to protect your Airbnb property from damage and decide on the amount.

Extra Guest Price: You can add fees for additional guests and enter the extra guest fee amount.

As an example look at this:

Airbnb Extra Person Pricing

Weekend Pricing: You can change your nightly price for Fridays and Saturdays. This nightly price will replace your base price for every Friday and Saturday.

Other Standard Fees: These are the fees you include for every reservation. All other fees are rolled into the nightly price for guests when they book. They are respectively:

  • Resort Fee : It is the cost of additional amenities or services which are provided since the listing is situated within a resort or hotel. You can calculate it either % of nightly rate or flat fee.
  • Linens Fee : It is the cost of linens or towels which are provided for each guest. The linens fee is added to the cleaning fee.
  • Management Fee : It is the cost of the general admin fee to cover business expenses. You can calculate it either % of nightly rate or flat fee.
  • Community Fee : It is the cost of building, community, or HOA fees that are associated with short term rentals. You can calculate it either % of nightly rate or flat fee.

Tax Types

Under Local Taxes section, you can add taxes and select how to collect them from the guests. After clicking Add New Tax, please choose the Tax Type the way you want to collect it (percentage per reservation, flat per guest, flat per guest per night) from the drop-down menu and then enter the amount being collected in the box under Amount. Please enter your Business Tax ID and Accommodations Tax Registration Number and agree to the terms and click Update Pricing.

Please note that any taxes you will add to this section will apply to new bookings.
Airbnb Taxes

Availability Settings

Here, you can arrange availability settings such as your reservation preferences, such as advance notice or availability window, trip details like minimum/maximum length of stay and the days a guest can check-in/out.

You can set an advance notice in your reservation preferences and according to the timeframe of the advance notice, we will block your days in your calendar. When you choose this setting, your guests can send you a reservation request if the advance notice period is over.

If you select one of the advance notice options and it is within the advance notice timeframe when a guest is trying to book, this host’s listing will not be presented to the guest as an option.

On this screen, you will see an option as ‘Allow guests to send reservation requests without advance notice’. If you select this option, your potential guests can send you a reservation request even if your listing is not on the advance notice period.

Airbnb length of stay

You can set your minimum and maximum duration of stays for a related listing so that you can avoid reservations which are too short or too long. Besides, you can choose to have different length of stay requirement for certain days of the week.

Also, you can set the days of the week that guests can’t check-in/out.

Airbnb checkin by day

Rule Sets

If you have multiple listings, you can set rules regarding custom pricing and availability which can be saved and applied to multiple listings.

When you go to Menu > Airbnb, under the connected account, you will see Rule-sets. After clicking on it, you can continue clicking Create New Rule-set.

You can name your rule-set, then add various pricing rules as well as availability rules such as the minimum & maximum night of stays that guests can book or choose the days that guest check-in and check-out.

Airbnb Rule-sets

You can add the following pricing rules to a rule-set:

  • Nightly price : You can adjust the nightly price for any bookings at the time of the year. For example, you can create a rule that increases your price by 15% for dates during the holiday season. Please keep in mind that it will be applied before other pricing rules.
  • Length-of-stay-discounts : You can give guests a discount for longer stays. You can have a discount by week, month, or a custom timeframe you create.
  • Last-minute discounts : You can offer a discount off the nightly price for bookings that happen close to arrival.
  • Early-bird-discounts : You can add a discount for booking further in advance.

Editing Rule-sets

It is also possible to edit your rule-sets after the initial setup. You can edit your pricing and availability rules in a rule-set by simply selecting it on the Menu > Airbnb > Rule-sets.

page on Your Porter App. You can also delete your rule-set from the same page.
Edit Rule-sets

Applying Rule-sets

Once you apply a rule-set to your listing, it will override existing pricing and availability settings.

In order to apply your rule-sets to certain days, you should go to Calendar > Pricing View and choose the dates you wish. You can select your rule-set on the opening screen.

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