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Creating Income Reports

Step 1: Listings

You can select the listings that you want to include to your income report first when you go to Menu > Income Reports > Create Income Report.

Select Listings for Income Reports

Step 2: Business Models

Select your business model to adjust the details of your income report. Your Porter App offers you 3 options for different business models: Self Operator, Payout Model, and Invoice Model.

Income Reports Business Models
  • Self Operator : If you run your own business and you do not need to calculate any commissions in your reports, you can choose this option. You will see the total earnings with a detailed price breakdown in your report, but no payouts or management fees will be calculated.

  • Payout Model : If you are collecting the whole payout and sending their share to homeowners, you may choose the Payout Model.

  • Invoice Model : If your clients get the whole payout and you send invoices to them, choose to Invoice model.

If you select the payout or the invoice model, you will be prompted to choose how you would like to calculate the amount:

Income Reports Model Options

After you decide your option according to your business model, you can also choose what percentage of those fees will be calculated as payout or invoice. You can set a value between 0% to 100%. You can also select if you want to include the cleaning fee to your calculation or not.”

  • For Payout Model
  • Percent Pay
  • For Invoice Model
  • Percent Ask

Step 3: Summary

In order to have a better understanding of each income report, you can give a nickname to each report. Let’s say Properties of Mr. Duwell.

You will see a summary of your income report and related listings on this final page. In order to create your report, you need to check and confirm all the details on this page.

Summary of Income Reports

Once your report is created, you will be directed to your income report. You can view all your reports from Menu > Income Reports > View Income Reports.

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