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Overview of Income Reports

Income Reports collects data from different channels and prepares a detailed price breakdown for each listing you have on Your Porter App. You can view the total of net payout, accommodation fee, cleaning fee, and platform service fee within reports. You are able to see the report data quarterly, yearly or for any date range based on your business model.

In addition to that, if you calculate a commission or payout for third parties, you can create a rule within each report depending on your business model. It is possible to define the rule very similar to Airbnb’s co-hosting payments. You can set different percentages for gross amount, accommodation, net payout, and net payout without cleaning fee.

Financial Overview

Let’s say you get 20% of the accommodation fee at the end of each month. When you create your income report accordingly, Your Porter App regularly calculates the commission for each listing.

Breakdown and Statistics

If you send invoices to third parties for your services, you can add clients to your account and send them automated invoices each month. You can preview invoices before sending them to customers. It is possible to add additional items to invoices. Once ready, Your Porter App creates an invoice via Stripe and sends it to your client. Invoices include an online payment link for your clients to pay with a credit card. This feature requires a Stripe account to collect payments.

Income Reports Menu

If you collect the payments and send a payout to third parties, you can define your rules accordingly and create a payout report at the end of each month.

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