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Advanced Message Settings

After you create your rules, you can add some advanced filters to your automation rules to perform even better. With the help of these advanced rules, you can manage your guest communication more professionally. Go to Messaging > Message Automation > Your Rules and click ‘Edit’ below the rule you want to change, you will see Advanced option on the next page. These are the advanced filters you can apply to your rules:

Last minute Reservations

Let’s say you have an automated message rule to send a check-in reminder one week in advance. When this filter is activated, your guest will receive this message even if they book last minute (in this case less than 7 days in advance). If you mention something like “Hey Michael, your trip is only one week away” in your template, you may want to have a different template for the last minute reservations.

This filter is enabled by default, so considering last minute reservations may have a different way of communication, you can turn off this filter to prevent Your Porter App from sending these messages to last minute guests.

Duration of stay

You can set min/max duration of stay filter for your automated message rules. By using this filter, you can create messages, which will be sent to the guests who are staying only more than 4 nights. Alternatively, you may prevent a message from being sent if a guest stays only single night. This can be useful if you are sending a follow-up message after the first night and if a guest stays only one night, this message may be not appropriate. On the other hand, maybe you have some reminders for the guests who are staying more than 7 days, and you can create specific rules for all of those cases.

Number of guests

Very similar to the duration of stay filter, you can set min/max number of guests for each automated message rule. If you have special instructions for reservations which have more than 4 guests, you can use this filter to prevent that message from being sent to a reservation with 2 guests.


This filter allows you to send a message only if the day before check-in or the day of check-out is available. Especially, for a message for an early check-in suggestion can be only sent if the day before check-in is available, which means there are no guests leaving on the same day. Similarly, if you want to offer an extension or late check-out, you can make sure that this kind of message will only be sent if that night is vacant and has no guests arriving.

Arrival Form

If you are using our Arrival Form to collect guests arrival and contact details, you can set this filter to send a reminder only if they did not fill out the form until the scheduled day of the reminder. For example, you can send the arrival form link when a guest books and schedule another reminder a couple of days before check-in if they did not submit their information until then.

Review Reminder

You can use the Review Reminder filter to create an automated message after check-out to remind your guests to leave a review. If you activate this review reminder filter, your message will be only sent if a guest did not leave a review, at the scheduled time. If your guest has already left a review, the message will not be sent.

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