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Auto Review

It is super easy to automate your review process and give 5-star reviews to your guests with Your Porter App! This will increase your chance to get reviews in return.

You can create your first Auto Review rule by going Messaging > Auto Review > Activate your rule. After this, you can select the timing of your auto reviews according to your preferences. You are able to automate your reviews ‘on the day of check-out’ as well as some days after check-out. Please keep in mind that scheduling your reviews for a couple of days after check-out might make them more native.

Right after the timing, you have two options about the content of your review:

Use Review Pool: If you select this option, we will randomly select a review template from our review pool which has more than 70 reviews. You can see some of our review examples on this screen.

Use My Review Template: You can write a review template, and we will automatically use this template. If you select this option, you can write your template on the pop-up.

You can use our customization tags on your review template:

  • Guest First Name
  • Check-in Date
  • Check-out Date
  • Listing’s Host
  • Listing’s Airbnb Name
  • Number of Guests

These tags will be replaced with personal information of each guest accordingly.

You can check all your upcoming reviews on the same screen. if you want, you can stop your auto reviews for specific guests and write your reviews for them.

We can make reviews for all your linked Airbnb accounts. If you want you can add/remove some of these Airbnb accounts for auto review rule. You will be always in control for this process.

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