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Message Templates

Each automated message is linked to a template. Therefore it makes sense to prepare templates before creating automated message rules.

To create a template, please go to Messaging > Message Templates. By default, we offer 2 examples of templates. You can take a look at those examples and edit them. Alternatively, you can start creating your own template from scratch. Click on Create New Template link to open a blank template editor.

Message Templates

Template Name is for your reference only. You will see the template names when you list all of your templates. It is also useful when you choose a template for an automated message rule or in Airbnb Inbox to send customised messages with a single click.

Please do not forget to add a subject to your template. Although it does not have any function for Airbnb messages, we send automated emails to your guests from other channels like and HomeAway. Not having a subject will prevent delivery of automated emails.

Adding Attachment

You can add an attachment to your template. This attachment can be in any file type including PDF, ZIP or JPG files. If you have a welcome pack, a roadmap or photos for directions, adding them to the messages can be a good idea. Please keep in mind that you can only add one attachment to a template.

For Airbnb and text messages, we will include a short link at the end of the message, where your guest can click and download the file. For email messages, it will appear as a regular attachment.

You can upload any kind of documents with a maximum size of 20MB to your attachments.

Customisation Tags

We automatically customise the templates before we send it to your guests. So you have the opportunity to use customised data like first name, check-in time and more. Instead of saying “Dear Guest”, you can use your guests' first name in our automated messages: “Dear Michael”

Template Editor
Extra Tags

You can click and add the customisation tags which you want to use in your message. These tags will be replaced with the information from each reservation. We have a list of available tags, so you can create beautiful customised tags. The list of our message tags as the following:

  • Guest Name
    or nickname if it is set
  • Guest Lastname
  • Check-in Date
    in guest's language
  • Check-out Date
    in guest's language
  • Number of Guests
  • Listing's Host
  • Listing's City
  • Listing's Airbnb Name
  • Wifi Name
  • Wifi Password
  • Check-in Day (DD)
  • Check-out Day (DD)
  • Listing's Address
  • Listing's City
  • Listing's Airbnb ID
  • Check-in Day of the Week
    in guest's language
  • Check-out Day of the Week
    in guest's language
  • Listing's Type
  • Length of Stay
  • Guest Phone Number
  • Guest Phone Number (Last 4 Digit)
  • Reservation Code
  • # of children
  • # of infants
  • # of bathrooms
  • # of bedrooms
  • # of beds
  • Check-in Month (MM)
  • Check-out Month (MM)
  • Check-in Time
    will be added from the reservation details in Your Porter App
  • Check-out Time
    will be added from the reservation details in Your Porter App

Templates in Multiple Languages

If you are using several languages in your communication with your guests, you can also automate your messages in different languages using Your Porter App. Each template can have different versions in different languages. For example, if you are using English and Spanish for your communication with your guests, then you need to create a Spanish Version of a Template in addition to the default English version.

Select Language

We will automatically detect the language your guest is using and send the related template in the correct language accordingly. We detect languages for Airbnb reservations according to the first message sent by the guest and for the Bookingcom reservations, we detect the preferred language from the guest's country. Therefore, you do not need to select the language of each guest for Airbnb and reservations.

Once your templates are ready, you can start creating your message automation rules.

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