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Airbnb Ranking Booster

Airbnb search algorithm likes the "fresh" listings and prioritizes them in the search results. Whenever you make a change in your listing description or photos, you will notice that your listing's Last Modified Date will be today on your Airbnb Listings Page. In order to automate this process on a daily basis and gain some extra exposure in Airbnb search results, you can activate Airbnb Ranking Booster in Your Porter App.

Ranking Booster

Once activated, Airbnb Ranking Booster will perform the following operations for the included listings every 24 hours:

  • Content Update
    • Add a dot (.) at the end of your description and remove it
    • Change the order of last two photos of the listing

  • Price Update
    • Increase your daily rate of a random day in the future by 1, and reduce it back to the original value

According to a customer support representative from Airbnb, changing your listing details helps to improve your position in Airbnb search results.

Activate the Airbnb Ranking Booster

In order to activate this feature on your account, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Menu > Airbnb Ranking Booster
  2. Enable the toggle of Airbnb Ranking Booster
  3. Depending on your preferences, select Content and/or Price Update
  4. Select the listings which you want to activate the SEO tool

Booster Type

Please keep in mind that the Airbnb accounts of the listings should be linked with Your Porter App to activate the SEO feature.

You will get a notification email from Airbnb once your listing description is updated. You will see a note regarding the location of our servers (mostly US) and an unknown device type.

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