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Integrating with Wheelhouse

We are now integrated with Wheelhouse. Using our integration, you can define daily rates and minimum stays in Your Porter App based on Wheelhouse data along with many other customizations for your listings.

You can follow these simple steps to integrate your Wheelhouse account with Your Porter App:

Wheelhouse Side

Log in to Wheelhouse and click on your account name from the top right corner. Then click on "Your Profile" and go to your profile section.

Choose YPA

Scroll down to the Connections section and navigate to the Api Key page.

Get Key

Your Porter App Side

Go to Menu > Smart Pricing > Wheelhouse on Your Porter App.

Smart Pricing

  • Paste your Wheelhouse API Key.

  • Paste Key

    Your listings should now show on your account. You can review and customize prices and once you're ready, synchronize those prices with Your Porter App.


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