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Daily Task Messages

Your Porter App can send automated daily task messages to your teammates to inform them about operational tasks like cleaning, check-in, check-out, and laundry. Let's say you have a cleaner and you can send him/her a list of cleanings (check-ins or check-outs) one day in advance at 18:00.

This feature is very useful if you do not want to share your Airbnb account with your teammates or you have reservations coming from multiple platforms. You can even choose which information to include in those messages regarding the reservation. For example, you do not need to share the guest name with your cleaner, but you want your key exchanger to know the name and phone number of your guest. All of those options are customizable in Your Porter App.

Teammates can be responsible for different sets of listings and can receive those message as email or SMS (text) on the exact time of the day.

In addition to check-in and check-out related tasks, you can send a message to your teammates whenever a new reservation is confirmed. This is useful if you work with a professional company, so they can add the job to their calendar. Alternatively, it can be a good feature for informing homeowners with related information whenever there is a reservation on their property.

Your teammates get an email or SMS (text) message with a summary of the task (name, listing, date) and a short link to reach details about that tasks. Your teammates do not need to download any app to reach those details. All they need is any smartphone with an internet connection.

Task form for teammates

Using this online form, they can mark those tasks as completed and you will get immediately a push notification on your smartphone about completed task. This way, you can follow up on tasks you assigned to your teammates.

In addition to daily reminders, you can send weekly or monthly task lists to your teammates and help them to plan their schedule in advance.

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A note from our Head of Development

Your Porter App is designed for Airbnb hosts with high security concerns. We do not ask for your Airbnb credentials until you want to use some special features. You can register now with any email and password. Linlking your Airbnb account will unlock some of our features whenever you feel ready for it.

All of our data transfer between servers are secured with our 128bit SSL certificate. We never store your Airbnb credentials when you link your Airbnb account. We only make a request and get a permission from Airbnb to perform some actions like sending messages or making reviews.

You can see Your Porter App's login permission at your Airbnb account (Account Settings -> Security -> Login History) and terminate it anytime by clicking Log Out or simply changing your password. You will notice that Your Porter App uses a different IP address each time we reach your account to prevent over usage of a single IP address for many users.

When you use Your Porter App for your Airbnb account, you will be able to use same listing and keep your current reviews. No one (guests, co-hosts, homeowners) can notice that you are using an automation tool while we perform automated tasks for you.