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Link your VRBO Account

You can add your VRBO account to Your Porter App and manage your listings through our platform. Since we have iCal sync with all the VRBO family, you can use Abritel or Stayz calendar links as well. To establish the integration, there are some easy steps that you need to complete:

  1. Add the VRBO family iCal link
  2. First of all, you should add the iCal link of your listings from VRBO to Your Porter App by going to Menu > My Listings > Add Another Channel.

  3. Connect your VRBO account
  4. As a second step, you should go to Menu > Channel Manager > VRBO > Accounts > Add New VRBO Account, and link your VRBO account to Your Porter App by entering your credentials.

    Add VRBO Account

  5. Export calendar link from Your Porter App
  6. In order to complete the two-way sync between Your Porter App and VRBO, you need to export calendar links of your listings and import into VRBO. You can export iCal links by going to Menu > My Listings > More > Export Link.

    Add VRBO Account

    Next Step: Match your VRBO listings with corresponding Airbnb listings

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