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Adjusting Rates & Taxes

You can adjust your website rates by going Menu > Website Builder > Edit Website > Rates & Payments page. This section includes the payment information of your website You can edit the mark-up rate, currency and your payment preference here.

Adjusting Rates & Taxes

The mark-up rate is the percentage of the amount that you want to add on top of your Airbnb prices. For instance, if your Airbnb rate is USD 100 and you add a 10% markup for your website, your guests will pay USD 110 to book your place through your direct booking website.

Payment Preferences

There are 4 options to get bookings on your website:

    • Accepting only email inquiries

    • Email inquiries work like Airbnb inquiries. If you select accept only email inquiries option, you will receive an email regarding the reservation from your guest. After that, you need to handle the payment if you accept it or simply reject the request. Please note that unless you accept the reservation request, those dates will remain open in Your Porter App calendar.

    • Accepting only email inquiries and having those dates blocked

    • Similarly, if you select this option, you will receive an email regarding the reservation from your guest and Your Porter App will block the reservation dates on your calendar. Then, you need to handle the payment if you accept it or simply reject the request. If you reject the request, the blocked dates will automatically become available.

    • Accepting online payments via Stripe

    • Stripe allows you to accept online payments and get direct bookings on your website. You can add your Stripe account by clicking on the 'Add New Stripe Account' if you haven’t already added it to your account. You can even connect different Stripe accounts to each one of your listings from Menu > Website Builder > Edit Website > Listing Details.

    • Accepting online payments via Paypal

    • You can also receive online payments via Paypal. You can add your account by simply entering your Paypal email address.

      Payment Preference

Chargeback Protection

If you choose Stripe as your payment processor, you can activate chargeback protection and protect your business against fraudulent disputes. This feature is not included in your payment plan. If turned on, there will be an extra %2 fee per covered transaction.


Automating the Payment Process on Your Website

You can set up a pre-payment plan and automatically handle the payments for your website’s guests if you accept online payments. On the rates section, you can set-up your pre-payment plan. For instance, you can charge your guests 50% of the payment first, and then receive the rest of it 15 days before the check-in date.

Payment Plan


You can collect additional taxes from your website. You should enter the name, select your tax type, and the amount of the tax required. It is possible to collect fee per stay, fee per guest per stay, fee per night, fee per guest per night, and percentage per booking taxes from your website.


Please keep in mind that the taxes will automatically be applied to all listings on your website. In order to set a custom tax for each of your listings, please go to Website Builder > Edit Website > Listing Details, select your listing, toggle Use Custom Taxes on, and add/remove taxes below.


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