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Adjusting Rates & Taxes

You can go to this section by going to Menu > Website Builder > Edit Website > Rates & Payments page. This section includes the payment information for your website and it’s the same page you have during creating your website. You can edit the mark-up rate and payment plan in this section.

Adjusting Rates & Taxes

The mark-up rate is the rate that you want to add on top of your Airbnb prices. For instance, if you put 10% on top your of your prices which is USD 100 on Airbnb, your guests will pay USD 110 to book your place through your direct booking website.

There are two options to get bookings on your website: Get email inquiries or accept online payments.

Email inquiries work like Airbnb inquiries. You will receive an email regarding the reservation from your guest. After that, you need to handle the payment if you accept it or simply reject the request.

If you would like to get direct bookings and accept online payments, you need to link your Stripe account since the payment will be handled by Stripe. This option will give your guests the opportunity to book your place instantly. You can add your Stripe account by clicking on the ‘Add New Stripe Account’ if you haven’t already added it to your account.

Also, you can decide on your pre-payment plan and final payment if you want to accept online payments. For instance, you can charge your guests 50% of the payment first, and then receive the rest of it 15 days before check-in date.


You can collect additional taxes from your website. You just need to enter the name and the amount of the tax required. In order to set up taxes, please go to Menu > Website Builder > Edit Website > Taxes.

Adjusting Rates & Taxes

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