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Creating New Page

You can create custom pages in addition to your Homepage and About Us page by going to Menu > Website Builder > Edit Website > Pages > Add New Page.

There are two types of pages that you can add: Content Page and Link Page.

Content Page

You can create a custom page containing different components such as text, image, image slider, and custom HTML code. You can also use different column structures to customize your website.

Here is the list of options you can use to create your page:

Menu Title This label will be added to the menu.
Page Description A brief summary of your website. Search engines often display this in search results.
Main Title This title will be added to the top of the page.
Header Image This is the image behind the main title. We would like to kindly remind you that the optimum size is at least 1200px wide for the header image.


Sections are the integral parts of your Content Page. You can create multiple sections with different column layouts to customize your page.

Each column can include a component such as text, image, image slider, and custom HTML code.


Components can be combined and used together to design creative pages.

Text You can write short and long texts with this component. It can be used to create a blog page.
Image Allows you to add a single image to your page. You can also write a description for your image.
Slider You can add multiple images to your page. It is possible to write descriptions for your images.
HTML Code Your code will be added before closing the body tag on your page.

You can either publish your page immediately or you can save it as a draft and continue editing later on.

You can also hide or delete your content page from Menu > Website Builder > Pages > Select your page

Link Page

You can add external links to the Menu of your website by using Link Pages. For instance, you can direct your visitors to your Airbnb reviews page.

Link Page

You can fill out the Menu Title and URL, and then click complete to create your Link page.

You can also hide or delete your link page from Menu > Website Builder > Pages > Select your page

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