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Customizing Visual Settings

You can customize the look of your website by going to Menu > Website Builder > Edit Websites > Visual Settingspage.

Here is the list of visual settings you can edit on this page:

Website Template
We provide 8 different color palettes now, and you can change your current template. Changing the template will affect the colors and texts on your website. There will be more template options soon!

Main Title
The title appears on right above your website’s search section.

Show Map
You can show your listings’ locations on your website. However, you have three different option here. You can hide the map, show your approximate location, or show the exact location to your guests.

If you upload a logo, it will appear on the top left corner of your website.

Header Image
This is the image behind the search and main title. By default, we automatically upload a picture of your listings’ location.

We would like to kindly remind you that optimum size is 200px x 60px for the logo and at least 1200px wide for the header image.

Contact Details

You can alter the contact details, such as contact name, address, phone number, and email in this section. Your visitors will be viewing this information in the footer of your website.

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